Don't know exactly what type of decorative concrete will optimize the look of your concrete project? Western Branch Concrete can lead you in the right direction! Western Branch Concrete can help you design and plan out your concrete project improvements. From different concrete finishes to a selection of colors Western Branch Concrete can customize your concrete to any style you desire. Western Branch Concrete also works with the best landscapers and designers in the area and can recommend them for other areas of your remodel like lighting, irrigation, and landscaping.

Concrete Removal
As a licensed concrete contractor Western Branch Concrete has the equipment and experience to remove existing concrete. Western Branch Concrete can do the demolition and haul the material off the premises whenever it is needed. With bobcats, jackhammers, and dump trucks Western Branch Concrete can help in removing any size job and prepare for a new look.

Once the area is ready to be formed Western Branch Concrete can create the proper slope or grade for the job, especially if drains are involved. Western Branch Concrete can form the area, typically adding rebar or welded wire mesh for extra support. Western Branch Concrete can form any shape area from square driveways to meandering walkways and patios.

Western Branch Concrete can include color into any finish. Pouring decorative concrete is a precise craft that takes a skilled and experienced team to install. Western Branch Concrete's employees have over 25 years of experience pouring concrete. Western Branch Concrete's experience, tools, and technology are what allow them to produce beautiful, quality products time and time again!

Once the concrete has been poured, cured, and hardened Western Branch Concrete will be there to do finishing touches to the concrete. It is the finishing process where Western Branch Concrete will fine-tune any colors or look of the concrete. Western Branch Concrete can also add decorative saw cuts for additional style.
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Technical Facts
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